Cosmos tree houseEdit

Cosmos tree house is a members only land den and was released November 16, 2017. It is sold at the diamond shop for 7 diamonds.


This den has a pathway that leads to the main house and to a smaller area , like a shed maybe. In the main house it has 3 stories. Two out of three of those stories have stone floors with part of a river streaming through it. The third story has wood as floors and the smallest story out of all three , with the second being the second largest and the first being the largest story. On the first floor , if you look to the right you will see an area that leads to a cave like area. It has a green tiled roof along with leaves. The shed has no roof and has wooden walls with a dirt like floor with part of the pathway covering the floor. There is a yard outside with grass and a forest like area. [1] <----- Reference right here


Fun Facts

- Cosmos tree house only has rugs for flooring. If you put down wood floors , you get wood floor rugs!

- This den was based off of the den Cosmo's Den. (Cosmo's den is no longer available)